Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Active Ice Fishing | What Success Looks Like

How to Catch More Fish by Staying Mobile

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually very easy to get too comfortable while ice fishing. Sure, you’re out on a frozen piece of water in some very chilly weather. But if you use a fishing shelter with a small heater, it’s pretty easy to take your jacket off, kick back, and enjoy a sandwich and a beverage. Even if the fish aren’t biting, you can still have a great time on the lake. This is why it can be so dangerous.
How could being comfortable possibly be a bad thing? Well, sometimes you’re actually out there to put some fish in the frying pan or freezer. And it’s hard to do that when the fish just simply aren’t below you. There’s no trolling in ice fishing, after all; at least not in the traditional sense. You’re pretty much limited to a cone about 10 to 15 feet wide, depending on the water clarity and how bright and loud your presentation is.
If you watch many ice fishing videos, you’ll notice one trend that really stands out: success usually comes to those who move around a lot. It’s not even revolutionary among ice fishing ideas, but in order to consistently catch fish, especially on unfamiliar lakes or waterbodies, you need to stay mobile and jump around until you find the right structure and some actively-feeding schools. In some cases, you may even need to chase them around throughout the day. Fish move to different areas as the day progresses, which means you need to move too. Knowing that, here are some ice fishing tips to keep you on the action all day long.

Blaze Pink Now Legal for Deer Hunting in One State!

Pink Camouflage | Wisconsin’s Hunter Orange Safety Rule Now Includes Pink!

According to an nbc15.com article, Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill allowing hunters to wear fluorescent pink instead of the traditional blaze orange. This bill will allow the traditional blaze orange required for clothing above the waste to now be swapped out for florescent pink if desired.
The premise behind this bill?
To get the already rising number of women who participate in their states firearms deer season to increase. Will it work, what do you think?
The rising number of women in the outdoors, and more particularly hunting, has given rise to a substantial increase in the praise of pink camouflage. So much so that one state has officially given the “OK” to hunting in it.

What your Valentine Really Wants | 7 Gift Ideas for Outdoorsmen and Women

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Outdoorsmen and Women

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Are you prepared? Guys and gals alike are rushing in attempt to get something for their sweet heart. This year be prepared and order something that will really make your Muddy Girl or Moon Shine guy really happy!

The Outdoorsmen Shopping for their Muddy Girl

The emphasis is put on the ladies during Valentine’s Day. You’re in big trouble if you’re not prepared. Luckily for you we have made this easy. We have several items and packages specifically for your Muddy Girl.
If shopping for country girl Valentine’s Day gifts, your girl has country in her heart and you cannot go wrong with the latest outdoor clothing items and accessories coated in pink camouflage. From pink camo hoodies, to pink camouflage guns we have it all.

Lifestyle Camo | Keep Your Investments Safe on the Road

Camo Gun Cases | Protecting Your Firearm with Style

If you travel very much during the hunting season, you probably have two problems. First, your legs and rear side get pretty weary of the long miles. But second, you need to make sure your firearm stays safe and contained while in transit. Our rifles, shotguns, or even handguns are often quite the investment on our part, so why take the risk of not properly protecting them? Besides that, it’s the law just about anywhere that a firearm needs to be in a case when in a moving vehicle.
Just like your favorite firearm, the protection of that gun can be overhauled into a camo gun case with your favorite Moonshine Camo pattern. There are a couple different types of gun cases available on the market. They include hard case, soft case, and cloth or other material options. In order to choose the best one for yourself, you need to look at your specific hunting conditions. Let’s look at a few examples.
Keep Your Investments Safe on the Road | Moon Shine CamoHard gun cases offer more protection in extremely rugged conditions or when you need to fly to your destination (i.e., have you seen the way some airline employees handle your luggage?!). They have a very sturdy shell that you can often lock, and the interior is padded with protective foam to nestle your gun safely. This is important if you want your scope to stay dialed in after traveling a long distance or over rough country. Quality hard cases are often expensive, but it’s better than a cheaply made hard case that won’t offer the security you’re seeking.

Express Your Life | Moon Shine Camo Fan Picture Showcase!

Lifestyle Camo | Moon Shine and Muddy Girl Facebook Fans Showing Off!

Moon Shine Camo is powered by Stone Road Media
Whether you are in the woods, on the street, or inside there is always a need for camo. Lifestyle camo has evolved completely out of making twigs, leaves, and bark come to life on your shirt, only to conceal yourself while hunting. Instead, it has grown into an opportunity to expose and show your passion in the modern world, and the modern world could not make it any easier to do so!
Today you can show camo on literally everything! From simple outdoor clothing, to entire vehicle wraps you can throw camo on anything you wish to give it flare! With today’s technology you can wrap it, drape it, and dip it in any lifestyle camo pattern you wish. Nothing is off limits for camo expressions.
Whether you are hunting, mudding, in school, or just out and about, the occasion definitely calls for lifestyle camo. Believe us, we have taken notice. Every day we see your passion in photos on and posted on our social media sites. We want to show it off!
Here are some of the biggest, loudest, strangest, and coolest expressions we have seen!

How Moon Shine Camo Fits into Your Ice Fishing Plans

Outdoor Clothing for the Ice Fishing Enthusiast

Imagine a calm day on the ice where the sun is shining and the wind is barely a whisper. You don’t even need your shelter with you, and can just sit on a camp chair in front of your ice fishing holes. Suddenly a flag from a tip-up shoots high into the air, and you scramble to get over to it. The line is spooling out steadily, but you set the hook as soon as it pauses. After a good fight, you pull a very nice northern pike through the ice and re-set the bait for the chance at another. Life is good.
Though it’s been an unusual winter so far in terms of warmer temperatures, there are still opportunities for hard core ice fishermen and women to get out on the water. If you haven’t tried ice fishing before, you really owe it to yourself to go try it at least once. If you have fished on hard water before, then you know how addicting it can be. Perhaps the best part about it is that you can make it as extravagant or as rugged as you wish. A day on the ice could mean a several-mile hike, chiseling through feet of ice, and fishing with just a tip-up line. It could also include sitting in a deluxe ice castle watching television in your shorts, while cooking your favorite dinner on the stove.

Get Your Truck Moon Shine Ready for Hunting Season

Wrap Your Gear in Moon Shine Camo

When preparing for a hunt, we often try to conceal everything we have. Camo clothing, backpacks, blinds, and guns; if it can be camouflaged, itwill be camouflaged. However, very few people fully camouflage their truck or SUV. Perhaps it’s because we would only use it for hunting seasons a few months out of the year, and they don’t want a fully camouflaged vehicle for all that time.
With Moon Shine Camo’s vinyl truck wraps, however, you can create a customized lifestyle camo vehicle that suits your tastes and will make an impression the other 9 to 10 months on the calendar. You’ll be able to express your passion for the outdoors and still represent your other interests at the same time.
Vinyl truck wraps come in any of the different camo colors and patterns that Moon Shine offers to match your preferences. From Harvest Moon, Muddy Girl, Outshine, Toxic, Undertow, or Wildfire, you’ll find something that will match your personality and will be equally at home in the outdoors as in town.

Let Your Kids Have Fun with Camo Clothing

Celebrating Autumn with Your Kids 

We hate to be “Captain Buzzkill,” but although many of us deny that it’s true, summer is officially over. The swimming beaches and bluegill fishing we enjoyed throughout the summer months have now given way to busy school schedules for you and your kids. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing family activities. For that matter, that they have to stop wearing their favorite outdoor clothing. In fact, fall is one of the most prominent seasons for outdoor activities and camouflage clothing. If you’re a hunter, your family is well aware of that! Why should the summer fun not continue into fall? One way to carry it forward is by staying dressed in your favorite camo clothing options. Sure, some school districts and administrations might frown on children wearing traditional camo clothing to school. But Moon Shine Camo is anything but traditional.
Moon Shine Camo has several clothing options for boys and girls, coming in many different patterns. All youth shirts are tagless for maximum comfort and come in youth sizes SM-XL. They are made of polyester, which will wick sweat and moisture away from your active little kidsthroughout the school day or at gym/recess. Your child will no doubt have fond memories of fishing over the summer with the Undertow series, seen below. Its bright shades of blue and bold camo pattern bring to mind the perfect harmony of hunting and fishing, equally at-home in either situation. Let them relive that big bass catch from the summer by sporting their favorite clothes going into winter.

Fall is in the Air! │ Upgrade your Attire with Moon Shine

Take Advantage of the Fall│ Get out and enjoy it with Moon Shine!

The fall months are an excellent time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Cooler temperatures make spending time outdoors extremely pleasant and enjoyable. Regardless if you are hitting the woods, hitting the water or just working around the house, Moon Shine offers a wide range of lifestyle camo clothing and apparel that will have you ready to take on whatever activity.
Moon Shine Camo HatCooler temperatures seem to get the outdoor “juices” flowing, and have most of us thinking about getting out and getting a healthy dose of nature. Regardless of your intentions or hobbies, Moon Shine has something for you! Moon Shine believes thatcamouflage and outdoor clothing is a means of self-expression that can transcend boundaries and let everyone know exactly what you are about.
With the cooler temperatures on the way, it is important to ensure that you have comfortable outerwear that can with stand the cooler temperatures and will keep you warm regardless if you are sitting a tree or sitting or watching your favorite football team. When the fall arrives, check out the line of hoodies and fleece pullover jackets from Moon Shine. Both hoodie and fleece jacket lines are extremely durable and well-constructed, and are available in all of the outdoor or lifestyle camo patters offered by Moon Shine.

Stand Out with Lifestyle Camo | Stop Hiding Behind Your Traditional Camo Clothing

Express Your Outdoor Passion with Lifestyle Camo Patterns

Let’s play a quick word association game. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of camouflage clothing? The words “bright” or “vibrant” probably aren’t in the top ten, right? It’s likely more along the opposite lines of staying concealed in whatever environment you’re in. Images of blending in with your surroundings probably pop into your head. Whether you’re hunting or fishing, you want to stay hidden from the keen and perceptive eyes of your prey, which is obviously the purpose of traditional camouflage patterns.
But when you sit down and think of how much money you spent on your camo clothing, and then estimate how much time you actually wear it in a given year, it can get a little depressing. Maybe you wear some of it around town to show that you’re into the outdoors. But if you’re like most hunters, you likely try to keep some of it ready for use in the woods during hunting season, right? If that’s the case, your camo clothing sits in the closet for the vast majority of the year, unused and unappreciated. And the traditional camo clothing you do wear is likely sporting the same old pattern you’ve worn since you were a kid. Why not express your passion for the outdoors in a new and exciting way? What about combining your hunting interest with some of your other personality traits? Moon Shine Camo has the camo clothing and gear that you’ve been looking for.

Casual Camo | Make Connections With Fellow Hunters

Best Camo Pattern | The Key to Outdoor Connections

One of the biggest downfalls hunters and outdoorsmen and women have across the country is a lack of unity. While there are minor differences in the way we go about hunting or behind our views on certain topics within the industry, making connections with other hunters is one of our favorite aspects the outdoor lifestyle. We come in many shapes and sizes, and are sometimes hard to pick out of a crowd. Teachers, construction workers, people of all occupations and backgrounds have roots to the outdoors, and the best way to identify us is by our casual camo.

Lifestyle Camo | Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl Wrap Your Vehicle in Moon Shine Camo!

This is anything but ordinary, upgrading your vehicle past a normal paint job and giving it a whole new attitude. Vinyl wrapping your vehicle in camouflage is making a bold statement, a statement that Moon Shine Camo has made.
If you are looking for more than just plain camouflage vehicle vinyl wraps this is it. Moon Shine Attitude Attire’s lifestyle camo patterns gives you just that. Four different patterns gives you four completely different attitudes. What do you want to express?

Lifestyle Camo | Outdoor Clothing For an Outdoor Lifestyle

You Are What You Wear | You Wear What You Love

Why do you wear camo? Take a second to think about it. Most of you will answer “to hunt” or “because I like how it looks”; both great answers. But what if you thought deeper into it? Exclude camo you wear for hunting for conversation’s sake and think about why you really wear camo in public places. Maybe it’s out of pride or simply out of self-expression, but either way, we want people to know what we stand for! Lifestyle camois a statement. It is OUR statement to the world that we are proud of our love for the outdoors. Whether it is hunting, fishing, or just going for a walk once a week on an old logging road at the park down the street, “outside” defines who we are “inside”, and lifestyle camo is the best way we can think of to make it known to everyone we come in contact.

Outdoor Clothing | How to Choose Wisely

Smart Outdoor Clothing Choices for a Better Experience 

Whether you’re planning a summer camping event, a fishing trip, or a fall hunting excursion, an intelligent choice of outdoor clothing can make or break your experience. Plan it correctly, and you’ll likely have a wonderful trip. Fail to bring the right clothing, and you can have an incredibly miserable, if not life-threatening, time.
Does that sound too dramatic? Think back to a time you were under-prepared for time spent in the outdoors. For myself, I once brought mostly light clothing on a spring camping trip. During the day, it was unseasonably hot and I sweated right through my cotton clothing early in the day. However, meteorological predictions being what they are, the temperatures actually went the wrong way of comfortable as the sun retreated behind the trees. It was easily one of the most miserable nights of my life. I shivered uncontrollably, suited up in everything I brought plus my light sleeping bag. Luckily, I lived to hike out the next day and wave my white flag in defeat. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences or the opposite has occurred to you. The point is that smart clothing choices can have a big influence on your experience.

Lifestyle Camo | Female Hunters Stand Together With Pink Camo

Not Just Your Typical Outdoor Clothing | Camouflage that Inspires Relationships

Our nature as hunters and as human beings is to constantly keep our eyes out for others with similar interests. These relatable characteristics often come with other similar passions and beliefs shared by those who love the outdoors as much as you do, making a relationship, or at least a great conversation, inevitable. Have you ever had a conversation with someone you didn’t even know because you overheard them talking about the outdoors, or more likely, they were wearing Camo or another piece of outdoor clothing that made their passion for the outdoors obvious? It happens to us all the time! Hunter camo is for hunting, lifestyle camo is for expressing your love for the outdoors, and pink camo is for connecting and empowering sisters with a passion for the outdoors. That’s why we created Muddy Girl Camouflage.

Camping Season | Prepare Your Gear Now

How to Prepare for an Epic Camping Season

Summer is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. If you’re like most people, your camping gear likely needs some TLC from last camping season. Maybe you ran out of time in late summer when you were preparing for hunting season. Maybe it sat in your garage or basement collecting dust all winter. You’re not alone. Use these tips to get ready this year.
Very few activities make lasting memories like camping does. It can be a wonderful retreat from the technological world, with gorgeous scenery and perfect weather. But if you’re not prepared for changing conditions, it can also be a frustrating and miserable experience. Don’t be that couple or family down the trail bickering and complaining when they should be having a relaxing getaway.

Mosquito Repellent | How to Keep Bloodsuckers at Bay This Summer

Eliminate Mosquitoes This Summer Using These Tricks

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, the grass is green, and the mosquitoes are looking for a plasma donation. Before you willingly consent to these efficient and merciless bloodsuckers, take a look at the following tips and tricks. They might save you a pint or two.


The most obvious but overlooked method of repelling mosquitoes is simply a smart choice of clothing. It’s really your first line of defense, so don’t neglect it. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale and our body temperature, so if you can hide those as much as possible, it stands to reason you’ll be more protected.
Wearing long sleeves and pants might not be fun in the heat and humidity of summer, but it really goes a long way to preventing insect bites. The key during hot weather is to use performance clothing that breathes well (think polyester, light merino wool, etc.).
Also consider the use of head nets to save your sanity. Simply drape over your hat to keep mosquitoes from buzzing around your face, and you’ll get to spend more time outside doing what you love. Sure, you might not look your coolest, but you also won’t have a black eye from swatting at your own face.

Women in the Outdoors | Camo Clothing for Women

Camo for Women | Women’s Outdoor, Hunting, and Muddin Clothing

Women everywhere are showing their pride in the outdoors. History has shown that the number of women involved in hunting today has skyrocketed! Now a days there are more women climbing into tree stands, yelping in the turkey woods, and wading to the duck blinds than ever before, but it’s not just hunting! The outdoors in general has received an influx of female enthusiasts! Everything from fishing to mudding, hiking to climbing, women are invading the outdoors. Men move aside, it’s time to make room for the Women!